My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for 12 years before a friend in Canberra recommended that I visit Jen Luddington.

I had miscarried a pregnancy two years after we were married. After seven years, we then spent the next two years going through seven IVF attempts with only the first effort succeeding but resulting in a miscarriage again at twelve weeks.

We live in Sydney so it was a little more effort to go to Canberra to see Jen. The first visit was life changing. She introduced me the concept of ‘Letting go.’ I remember this was such a foreign concept to me at the time, I didn’t know I was holding onto things that were ‘Blocking me up.’  Even more powerful was her suggestion that I ask for the letting go in other languages that I had grown up with. (As English was my fourth language at the age of 8 )

Six weeks after seeing Jen, having just turned 39 years old, I had a positive pregnancy test and I now have a “bouncy” nine year old boy who keeps me very busy. My husband finally became a dad at 54 years of age.



Jen has been wonderful, ever since I started seeing her. She has helped me to remove many blocks from within me and from my life, which has helped me with my weight-loss and given me back a balance in my life. She has helped me to discover my life-path and allowed me to recognize and come to terms with my future. This, in turn, with positive support and planning has me aware of when I am not following my destiny.

I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance, in any area of their life.



I have been a client of Jen’s for twenty years. She has assisted me to successfully navigate my way through a range of life’s challenges. In recent years my husband and I have been most grateful for Jen’s assistance with our two young children who both have food allergies. We lost touch with Jen for a couple of years when our first child was born. After being weaned from breast milk to formula our daughter became very ill with gastrointestinal problems.

For two years we saw many different doctors, paediatricians, pharmacists, dietitians, a range of natural therapists and a paediatric gastroentorologist and a paediatric surgeon. The blood tests and other tests conducted were all inconclusive. None of these professionals were able to assist further than acknowledging it appeared our daughter suffered from food allergies and we would have to put her through an elimination diet to ‘guess’ what she was allergic to.Because of her allergies our daughter was not gaining weight, screamed in pain day and night, never slept for more than half an our day or night without waking in pain, and suffered continuously from diarrhea and vomiting.

Finally we became reconnected with Jen. An hour long appointment answered all of our questions. We walked away with a list of foods our daughter could eat without making her ill. We implemented it immediately and since then, for the past year and a half our daughter has been thriving. We will forever be grateful to Jen for her assistance as words can’t describe how horrible it is when your baby is sick when they don’t need to be, and you don’t know how you can help them.

Our son was born four months ago and in the first few weeks started to display gastrointestinal problems. Jen has worked with me to modify my diet to ensure my breast milk does not pass on allergens to our son. With a few changes to my diet our son is healthy and developing normally.



I have been a client of Jen’s for over 20 years and just love her balancing my body and clearing my unwanted ‘stuff’. I know she has made a HUGE difference to my life, my body and my business.

I use to suffer from tonsillitis two or three times a year. I even came down with glandular fever and suffered sore throats more times every year than anybody else I knew. I was told I would need to have my tonsils out but fortunately I got to meet Jen and within weeks she balanced my body got me onto some much needed vitamins and I have never had the problem again and yes I still do have my tonsils.

I can highly recommend Jen and her healing.