Civil Cermonies

wedding ceremonyMake your next ceremony one to remember for a lifetime. Jen will help you design your ceremony to honor your beliefs and values in an informal or traditional way. You celebration is about you and your family and Jen will help you to make your day everything you ever wanted it to be.

You will have access to samples, choices and planning meetings to help get you started to create your perfect ceremony and Jen will be right there to support you through this process.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jen Luddington, a professionally trained Civil Marriage Celebrant, approved by the Attorney Generals Department and authorized to conduct marriage ceremonies In Australia. I also do many other ceremonies to celebrate all occasions in life.

I would be both pleased and honoured to assist you to design any ceremony for you and your special occasion in life, limited only by what you would like. For your wedding, your re-affirming of vows, a commitment ceremony, a naming or re-naming ceremony, the rites of passage, for special birthdays of any age, your anniversaries, any new beginnings, launchings, plus the endings, divorces, funerals, pet funerals and the scattering of ashes.

I am able to do all these formally or informally, with sincerity, honesty and openness, in a very approachable manner, respecting the physical, emotional and the spiritual, and happy to work with all ages and nationalities, to hold your ceremony at your chosen venue.

Find out more about the types of ceremonies you can have below.

You deserve the day of your dreams.

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