Name Givings

Congratulations on the Birth of your Child or Your Re-naming.

Name giving is a very old tradition, it is the “rite” that brings the child or person into the family. It is a ceremony to welcome your child or the re-named person into the community, formally announcing the name chosen for your “life journey”. As your celebrant I can help you with prose or poetry, for you or your chosen helpers or mentors to add to your ceremony for this new life.

The ceremony is your story to be:

  • Crafted to embrace the joy of the family
  • The reflection of the values of the parents and family
  • To deepen bonds with parents, grandparents, god-parents or mentors
  • The ongoing commitment for those in “guardian” roles
  • The wishes and prose or poetry for your child and for the future
  • Those symbols or rituals for the cultural and community expressions

Celebrate this special occasion with a beautiful ceremony

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