About Jen

Jen LuddingtonI have lived for years in the country on the Southern Monaro, then I resided in Canberra and Wollongong for a while before moving to Tasmania where I am now living. I have lived in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

The first part of my life was spent on the land, with the amazing energy of nature and animals, providing the will for all to do well and live in the most natural way possible. Then I spent time traveling the world. I have a lifetime of people skills, starting in working teams on the land and with many overseas visitors to the farms.

A marriage and parenting followed but my family and I moved to town, (after a serious farm accident ), to a city and a totally different life, social aspects that were so opposite to the farm life, yet there was unconditional love with my children. Learning curves for us all, the need for boundaries, great education, normal teenagers, a family growing plus the disputes of life as the hormones exploded, so lots of sport, but the result was great pride in the moulding of young lives into wonderful people. This was also to extended children – as many school friends were made and kept for always and the training for life paths ahead was for each one of my children and the other children that “ lived around us”.

My healing work began …. my eldest son had “glue” ears, my young daughter had asthma, my youngest was a very shy “auditory child”. The result of these family symptoms has been for me – 30 years of healing and teaching from my business, known as “ Jen’s Clinic “ the Natural Healing & Teaching Clinic. So many more people skills were developed as there were thousands of people from all over Australia and Overseas.

I have lived my life with great respect to the Universal laws. I endeavour to do my best always and have each person and situation in a better place than when I first encountered them. This is for the life path of the person, for nature and karmic laws. One grows into “ whom” one was meant to be, fulfilling your self and serving all those around you.

The semi – retirement phase has seen the development of some computer skills, Ballroom dancing & Instructing, experience through a dancing life and performance, then the completion of “Train the Trainer” Cert IV plus Marriage Celebrancy, to complete the package of life skills and care of others.

I am now based in Canberra, at different locations and still travel to Hobart to serve my long standing clients, as well as the Nowra & Harden areas. And now my life path brings me here – to you and your health and the body/mind balance of life.