Rites Of Passage

Special Birthdays · Those Amazing Anniversaries · New Beginnings · Launchings · Homes or Milestones · A Reason to Celebrate

For any of these celebrations, add to the joy and the meaning of the celebration with a tribute to the person, the life or the event.

Enhance the celebration that has emerged or brought the person to this stage in their life:

  • The beginning is to separate from the old and to let go
  • Begin the new with excitement, have your calling come to you
  • Age cycles of seven or of twelves may suit you and your family
  • Go through the transition stage and start the next exciting phase of the journey
  • Resume and re-integrate  – grow with integrity
  • Make some or all your dreams come true
  • Have the wishes from all you love given to you
  • The gaining of wisdom and self worth is real esteem
  • The newer you “emerges” for your world to see and for you to be

Recognise and honor your significant family milestone or transition

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