Funeral or Memorial Ceremonies

The loss of your loved one, be they human or pets, can be a heartbreaking time. At the time of a passing, it is important to celebrate the value and meaning of that persons life. Their companionship, service, love, loyalty and friendship that was given and shared, honouring their memory, forever and always.

The passing over, mourning and celebration can be helped by:

  • Paying tribute to the life of the deceased
  • Finding some consolidation and comfort from a ceremony
  • Celebrating the life and memories shared togeher
  • Expressing rituals, symbolism and beliefs
  • Having mementoes and photographs
  • Eulogies and family stories used to pay tribute
  • Turning a stressful event into a beautiful memory
  • Allowing for the reality of death and the flow of bereavement
  • Paying those respects in your manner
  • Saying your goodbyes or your completions
  • Expressing the recognition for cultural, community or service people.
  • The committal to the earth or to ashes

Honour this most personal occasion with a touching ceremony.

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