Treatment Sessions and Fees

You need to allow time for the travel, the session (plus rest) and return travel to achieve the best results. Each session is different for each person in content and work, but the basics are similar.

New Clients

Your first session will require a new client form to be completed and discussed with Jen. This form provides information about your history and genetics, your current health, the symptoms that you are experiencing and your diet and nutrition.

Then we do the body assessment using Kinesiology, as the main ‘umbrella’ of understanding you. This will present a picture of how well you are functioning and what is out of balance.

Next we go through the options for the re-balancing your body and mind, to bring you back to the best level of health for you.  From the ‘tool kit’ of my 30+ years of training and experience, we do the body/mind work that best suits you and provides the best clearing and responses.

The initial session takes 1 ½ hours.

General Session Information

For any treatment, I usually see patients 3 to 5 times in a 3 to 6 month period. This allows for the identification of issues and imbalances, the complete correction of those imbalances, which often requires several treatments to achieve. For optimal results, you may be asked to support the treatments with lifestyle, nutritional or other adjustments to ensure you get the best possible health benefits.

Body-work sessions including Bowen Therapy, Foot Reflexology and Massage are typically 1 ¼ hour in length and are usually more frequent.

Kinesiology treatments generally take 1 ½ hours.

Health Maintenance Sessions

Some clients book regular sessions throughout the year to achieve a constant level of good to great health. This maintains a high quality of life and reduces the risk of developing more serious health complications.

Others choose regular sessions to work on improving all aspects of themselves, to perform and achieve the very best in life.

I often see families, people who have a change of employment or career, those in need of relaxation and de-stressing and many gain from seeking guidance and life purpose.


The cost of the treatments is based on the amount of work required and therefore the time spent for the session.

  • Jen’s clients are offered the generous rate of $100/hour, with sessions typically lasting 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Appointments are booked online and payment is processed securely via Paypal. You can use your credit card if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Start your journey to superior health today.